Welcome to DataChild - place to learn data programming and ML

Here I write about programming data apps and ML in simple words.

The idea behind this work is to bring modern data and programming technologies closer to engineers, be they beginners or experienced guys and girls.

As data volumes grow it gets harder to manage with established approaches. Still, it’s quite hard to pick the right and migrate running infrastructures to new technologies. Moreover, it’s hard even to understand if anything should be changed at all.

I try to make all those things simple here so that even children can understand. Few fundamental points this place follows:

You’re free to comment, propose changes, and improve the content in our GitHub repo.

Have fun with your apps and data.

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Sincerely yours, DataChild.

Published 2 years ago in #data by Denys Golotiuk

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Denys Golotiuk in 2024

I'm a database architect, focused on OLAP databases for storing & processing large amounts of data in an efficient manner. Let me know if you have questions or need help.

Contact me via golotyuk@gmail.com or mrcrypster @ github